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20th August 2022

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahima Warns Manjiri

The episode begins with Mahima stating the obvious. Akshu claims that this is not the case, and that you are blaming him for nothing. She sobs and walks away. Abhi also departs. He wipes her tears away. She inquires if you agree. He says no, I understand and trust you until the truth is revealed, please… She claims that I never mention trusting my brother. Manjiri claims that it is not Akshu’s fault; she is also hurting like us; your sorrow is great, her sorrow is not less; we must support one another. Please get the surgery done, Anisha’s rakhi and mother also wish this, family members, hospital staff, and team mates also wish this, its my big wish, my mannat to Kanha ji, please don’t stop our wish from being fulfilled, trust Mahadev and say yes for the surgery, I promise, I will handle everything here, says Akshu. Akhilesh claims that they are working hard to keep Kairav hidden. Manish and everyone are concerned about Kairav. Dadi claims I had a dream in which I was terrified that something bad would happen. Manish says don’t scare us any further. Kairav sobs, “I didn’t kill Anisha; I just want to go out.” He is experiencing chest pain.

Manjiri goes to get medicine for Mahima. Mahima says I have a headache, Akshu has been rude to me, and I’m worried about Abhi because we got involved with the wrong people. Manjiri says that while we all understand your pain, you should also understand the pain of others. Mahima, she explains. Mahima questions why you are siding with them. Manjiri says, “I’m saying that blaming Kairav and Akshu won’t make your sorrow go away, Anisha’s soul won’t find peace, only two people know the truth, one isn’t alive and we don’t want to hear the other, we will let the police find out, why are we punishing Kairav and blaming Akshu when the court didn’t give the verdict, Akshu is with her brother, she trusts his innocence, how can Akshu remembers everything and sobs.

Mahima apologises to Manjiri, saying that you were hurt by my words because I mentioned your bahu. Akshu, you raised Anisha, you have the same pain as I do, but you and Abhi love Akshu a lot, Akshu is a nice girl, but she gets blind about her family, just like you and Abhi get blind about her, I don’t feel bad but I feel scared, you will be hurt when her truth comes out, you are my younger sister, you can come to me and cry, but don’t say I didn’t tell you, Akshu will soon give you this Soone Soone, says Akshu…. Abhi approaches her. Kanha is prayed to. She claims that there are so many problems that she should at least fix one of them, such as convincing Abhi to have surgery or convincing him that Kairav did not murder Anisha. She twists. Abhi hides and observes.

It’s morning, and Abhi and Akshu smile as they see each other. She begs him to continue smiling because it gives her courage. He asks, “Won’t you ask me why I’m smiling?” You were complaining to Kanha ji about not getting good news, guess what. She asks if you agreed to the surgery, really, thank you very much, you made my morning better. She embraces him. She awakens from her dream. She notices Abhi dozing off. She takes his hand in hers. She believes he was not persuaded; I will go talk to everyone and see if he agrees. Abhi smiles as he thinks about his responsibilities. He awakens without seeing anyone.

Akshu enters the room and calls out to everyone. She claims that Dr. Khera called her and said, “Don’t talk to me or scold me, just explain Abhi, I tried to explain him, he didn’t agree, Dr. Khera is asking when he should come, he may go away, we may regret later, please if you can explain him, then talk to him.” Manjiri sobs. Harsh and Anand are watching. Harsh visits Abhi.

He claims that Dr. Kunal called again. Abhi says, “I don’t want to talk right now.” Harsh wonders when you’ll talk, when he’ll leave the country or quit his job as your father… Abhi says, “Stop this emotional drama, I accidentally hugged you, and you think you’re my father.” Harsh responds, “Fine, I came here for advice, I’m not a surgeon like you, but I have spent a lot of time in the hospital, people understand life in a deep way, we see death there and we appreciate life more, when my mother died, we didn’t stop working,” Mahima worked at the hospital after her parents died, a patient needed her. He explains himself to Abhi.

He says your mother is a great example, she is a warrior housewife, she never lets her inner conflicts interfere with her duties, just like a mother is dedicated, your patients need you, you need your hand to take care of them, if Manjiri or Akshu needs surgery, will you regret that you missed this good chance, Anisha left, which is unfortunate, but we all need you, Mahadev blessed you to save lives.

YRKKH Upcoming Story, Twist, Written Update, Spoilers, Gossip, Future Story

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