Wishes For New Born Baby Girl

wishes for new born baby girl

You are one of the luckiest people to carry an angel from heaven in your arms, and I’m sure she’s going to make your home a paradise. Congrats and best wishes!


Congratulations on the birth of your pretty little girl! I wish a lot of health, joy and love to this sweet doll.
“Children are an endless source of joy”

Welcome to the wonderful Zoe and congratulation to the parents! You’re about to discover the joy of being parents: children are an endless source of happiness. Enjoy every minute, and once again, congratulations!
“Happiness, health, and laughs”

Congratulations to the happy parents and welcome to the tiny Mia! We are delighted to hear about this wonderful news and wish you guys a lot of happiness, health and laughs. Enjoy these precious moments!
“Enjoy this little marvel”

The beautiful Lena is born: it’s a true miracle that will fill your home with joy and tenderness. Congratulations! Be careful: some days will feel very long, and yet, time will fly. Enjoy this little marvel.
“Welcome to your little angel”

Another tiny tot is arriving in your home and I couldn’t be prouder! I have no doubts that you will fill your little angel with love, and I can’t wait to meet her! I’ll see you very soon. Love.

“A beautiful miracle”

Welcome to your beautiful miracle! I wish you, my dear friends, to enjoy to the fullest your little treasure.

The beautiful Kate looks just like her mom, and seems playful like her dad! I have no doubt that she will break a lot of hearts. Until then, take good care of her and long life to the princess!
“A bit of poetry”

My sweet little Mary,
I wish you so many
Many bursts of laughter
A great health and more
Love than you can carry

Congratulations to the happy parents!

“One is not born a parent, one becomes a parent”

I am so moved to learn about the birth of your little girl: congratulations! You might be sometimes under pressure, it is perfectly normal! One is not born a parent, one becomes a parent. I am certain that you will be amazing parents. Just savour this new chapter in your life!

Funny newborn wishes

“Keep our fingers crossed”

A little princess is born! Let’s just hope that she will inherit from the face of daddy and the brain of mommy… I’m joking of course, I hope that she will take everything from mommy! Congratulations to the happy parents.
“You must be brave!”

All my wishes of happiness to this beautiful family welcoming a little angel. You’re going to be so happy! I also want to have deep thought for your sleep, that left us. You must be brave: in a few years, everything will fall into place.

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