Weight Loss Motivation Quotes

Weight Loss Motivation Quotes

1. “For me, exercise is more than just physical—it’s therapeutic.” — Michelle Obama

2. “You don’t have to make any big sweeping commitments. Just do the best you can do for yourself today. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Then you look back and all of a sudden you’ve strung together a lot of days where you’ve done the right things by yourself.” — Rob Lowe

3. “Successful weight loss takes programming not willpower.” — Dr. Phil McGraw

4. “Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose!” — Karl Lagerfeld, Fashion Designer

5. “Fitness: If it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.” — Cher
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6. “Just believe in yourself. Even if you don’t, pretend that you do, and at some point, you will.” — Venus Williams

7. “I grew up with the belief that good health is about moderation in all things.” — Pippa Middelton

8. “For me, it’s just eat whatever makes you feel good.” — Jessica Simpson
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9. “Eating smart is all about having an awareness of your body. The most obvious way to do that is by seeing it. So when you’re trying to lose weight, spend more time wearing less. I don’t think I could eat a plate of nachos naked—could you?” — Marisa Miller

10. “What I know for sure is this: The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal for this year is, you can get there—as long as you’re willing to be honest with yourself about the preparation and work involved. There are no back doors, no free rides. There’s just you, this moment, and a choice.” — Oprah

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11. “I just think you should eat less of everything. A little bit less. I don’t want to live a life where you can’t have what you want; it just makes you want it more.” — Drew Barrymore

12. “It’s about taking the time before food goes in your mouth to be aware: Am I aware that I’m eating this? And am I eating it because I’m hungry or because I need to soothe myself?” — Valerie Bertinelli
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13. “When I lost my weight and kept it off, it’s when I lost it slowly. I know that expression ‘the turtle wins the race’. Now I know that if I lose weight in a healthy way, I keep it off.”— Khloé Kardashian

14. “Working out for me is something I do when I feel like it. But it’s really about feeling good and taking care of my body rather than having to fit into any sort of model or anything like that. I try to eat well, and everything I do is really just to make me feel my best.”— Lea Michele

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15. “I’m prouder of my weight loss than my Oscar!” — Jennifer Hudson

16. “If you want to lose weight for good, you need to make a commitment to a life change. You have to say, ‘I’m just not going to eat that anymore. I’m going to change my bad habits.’ Otherwise, you’ll spend the rest of your life yo-yoing and you’ll be miserable. By no means is it easy. Getting in shape is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.” — Kelly Osbourne

17. “For me, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, having a healthy diet, and staying away from alcohol are musts. It’s so boring, I know, but doing those things really helps.”— Jessica Biel

18. “It’s important to work out and be the best version of yourself that you can be, but never feel like you have to be the skinniest girl in the room to be the prettiest. Be confident in yourself and you’ll shine!” — Kim Kardashian

19. “When you are a fit and healthy person to begin with, you most likely go back to what you were before… I try to create a healthy balance in my life between juggling a thousand things and not having to do anything at all.” — Heidi Klum

20. “If you take care of your body, it’ll take care of you.” — Usher

21. “It’s all about reading labels and being aware and conscious of what goes in.” — Jennifer Aniston

22. “If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them, everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” — Michael Jordan

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