Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

teri meri doriyaan written update

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update 21 March 2023


Inder makes a remark to Manveer regarding Sahiba to begin the episode. Manveer ignores Jasleen’s attempts to converse with him and walks away. Jasleen is asked by Garry to simply leave Manveer. Garry is told by Jasleen that she must acquire her trust if she is to turn on Manveer

once more. Jasleen claims that her true victory won’t come until they can convince the entire family that Angad is incapable of managing this situation and then assign that duty to him. Jasleen is greeted by a visitor, after which she departs.

Garry is called by Seerat. When Seerat sees Angad, she imagines performing an engagement ceremony beside him. When Seerat visits Sahiba, he unintentionally drops the tray. Sahiba is drawn towards him by his anger after watching the glass break. Out of her daydream, Seerat tries to remove the tray. Garry instructs Seerat to wipe up the glass pieces after stopping Seerat from leaving. Tears welling up in Seerat’s eyes, she wipes the glass fragments. Garry can make out the hue on his hand. Garry is aware that Seerat arrived here pretending to be a waitress.

When Seerat tries to go, Sahiba stops her and tries to engage in conversation. Garry steps in between them and diverts Sahiba’s attention. Seerat is removed from the area by Garry. Garry asks Seerat why she came here in incognito as he pulls her to one side. Seerat claims that she came to meet him here. Seerat is asked to leave by Garry. Seerat claims to have numerous inquiries and is seeking clarificationSahiba questions Veer about Garry’s whereabouts at the wedding. According to Veer, there was a fire accident in the workshop and Garry was assigned instead of Angad to manage it. Garry has raised Sahiba’s suspicions by removing the waiter.


Seerat is instructed to leave by Garry, who promises to respond to all of her queries when the time is appropriate. The inspector runs into Garry. Garry extends an invitation to the inspector for a drink. The inspector claims to be at work. Why did she come here, Garry queries the inspector? The inspector claims that they came to speak with Sahiba because she reported Seerat as missing in a missing persons complaint. If the inspector knows anything about her, Garry asks. Yes, the inspector replies, adding that it is against protocol for him to be given the information.

Gurleen tells her family that their questions have been answered and that Sahiba appears to be quite joyful. Sahiba is also mentioned by Jabjyot, who compliments her.

The inspector refuses to stop when Garry tries to stop him and walks away after saying that. When Garry enters, he informs Seerat that the police are now also involved and warns that if she is discovered here, it will cause a great deal of trouble. Garry is questioned by Seerat as to why he is so terrified and whether he still intends to keep it a secret from everyone. Seerat promises to go to the police and report all that has occurred thus far. Garry is anxious.


When they first met, Akaal realised that Sahiba was unique, he tells Jabjyot, Manveer, and Inder. It’s all god’s will, he claims. His mockery by Inder. Akaal claims to be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Every time, I have accepted your decisions as being God’s will, but this time, Manveer claims, you made your decision in regards to Sahiba hastily and are unaware of the enchantment Sahiba performed on you and Gurleen. Manveer claims that only time will tell if Sahiba is correct, but Angad and I were able to see her true face, and time will allow you guys to do the same. Sahiba is greeted by the inspector as he and his squad arrive. Everyone is tensed up.

Why did the inspector come here, Sahiba wonders. Angad queries the Inspector about the state of affairs. There, Seerat makes her getaway. The inspector claims he is there to inquire. He withdraws and claims he came to inquire about Seerat’s disappearance. Angad is unsteady. His timely support from Sahiba. When was Seerat last seen, the inspector queries. The family members visit. Manveer says they are not related to Seerat and urges him to enquire at Seerat’s residence. The inspector claims that Sahiba brought up the issue last night, prompting their arrival.

Sahiba is questioned by Prabjyot and Hansraj on how she can visit the police station when their housewives have never done so. When journalists observe the Brars family with the police, they decide to find out what is going on. Akaal requests that Veer and Gurleen oversee the visitors. Angad queries Sahiba as to whether she attends the reception to degrade his family. He claims that I ought to have grasped it earlier.



Teri Meri Doriyaan written update

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