speedy recovery wishes

speedy recovery
Get well soon. Sending happy thoughts from the whole team
We hope you get better soon after your recent surgery
Thinking of you and sending best wishes for a quick recovery
Sending you warmest wishes for a speedy recovery during this tough time
The whole Smith family is sending you warm thoughts during your time of illness
Sending you caring thoughts and healing vibes for a new day without pain
Darn, we heard about your accident and are sending healthy vibes for a quick return to your amazing self!
We’re sending warm wishes and lots of love for a speedy recovery
So sorry you’re using sick days because you’re actually sick and not just having fun like Ferris Bueller!
We know this virus will get sick of you just like the rest of us. Can’t wait to hear your chuckle and have you back in the office!
I told you not to take that dare, but here you are. Get well soon so we can get into more shenanigans!
Sending you lots of healing energy and holding space for your quick recovery.
The universe is on your side, and so are we. Sending lots of love and healing vibes your way!
Dear friend, may God help you find strength and watch over you on your journey to good health
God bless you during your hospital stay and for every step of the recovery process. We are praying for you, sending good wishes for a fast recovery, and are here in your time of need

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