Pandya Store Written Update

pandya store written update

Pandya Store Written Update 21 march 2023


Suman is confused by Shesh’s knowledge when the episode opens. Concerning Shweta, Dev and Rishita protest to Suman. Suman reprimands Shweta. Everyone is confused as Shiva points at Rishita and asks who Rishita is. They are stopped by the youngsters who have come downstairs. Suman is questioned by Shiva about the children’s whereabouts and family members. The children are solely theirs, Dhara tells Shiva.

When Mithu refers to him as a father, Shiva chastises him. Then he queries Dhara as to why she failed to inform him of her four children. Shweta chuckles loudly and mocks Dhara for not being able to resolve this issue. Shiva enquires about Shweta. Shiva’s acknowledgment of Shweta is met with laughter from Rishita. Shweta becomes agitated. Shiva is asked to go to his room by Dhara since he needs to rest. Raavi, according to Gautam, will give him medicine. Shiva observes.

Raavi asks the medical staff at the hospital about Shiva’s health. The doctor requests that they take adequate care of Shiva and ensure that he doesn’t experience any mental stress because his mental state isn’t stable. Raavi promises to look after Shiva.

When urging that Raavi give him medicine, Shiva asks Gautam if he has lost his mind and why she should. Everyone is astonished and perplexed. Shiva is asked to go to his room and take a nap by Dhara, who intervenes when Gautam attempts to speak to him. Shiva questions her as she points to a store room. Dhara takes control of the issue by claiming that she made preparations to sleep there and cleared the space. Shiva enters as requested. Rishita shows her concern at their enduring issues.

The children rush to Shweta, upsetting the Pandyas. Shiva is taken aback by the room. He takes out some women’s clothing from his cupboard after realising it must belong to Shweta. But, after seeing his photo with Raavi, he is even more perplexed. He surmises that Raavi and his aunt took these pictures and threw them to the ground in an effort to trap him.

The picture frame breaks. Here, the children write their identify on a board and hang it around their necks, claiming that this will aid the family members who frequently forget whose parents they are. Dinner is brought by Rishita and Dhara, who are surprised to see the youngsters wearing boards. After taking it away from the children, Rishita yells at Shesh. Shesh challenges her. Rishita is taken aside by Dhara, who tells her not to lose her cool since they need to handle this sensitively. The children leave the area.Rishita is angry as Shesh packs his belongings and departs. Chutki is persuaded by the youngsters to join them in bed in Shweta’s room. As requested, Chutki accompanies them. Shweta grins and begins to sing a lullaby. Children are smiling at her. Rushing to Shweta’s room, Dhara and Rishita. The kids cover themselves with a duvet after seeing them. Both are made fun of by Shweta. Rishita makes death threats towards Shweta. The kids don’t even want to show their faces, Shweta adds triumphantly as she leads Rishita and Dhara outside. She has four children, is a queen, and her life is planned out for the next 20 years.

Raavi is here giving Shiva some medication. Shiva hurls the water and inquires as to her purpose for being here. Raavi experiences shock and pain. Dhara challenges the kids to come back to them before the next morning after reminding Shweta of her history. Shweta mocks before entering. Rishita informs Dhara that she did not give birth to Chutki and Shesh, in contrast to her, and that she will do whatever to prevent losing her children. Dhara suffers har


Pandya Store written update

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