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Pandya Store 4 October 2022 Written Episode Update

Krish begins the episode by stating, “I don’t like the way you talk to me. Are you willing to marry me?” to Shweta. She challenges him. She believes I need to cool off. Rishita claims that there is some connection because I saw Shweta with the cabinet. What do you mean, Dev queries. She claims that nothing will be known until Krish’s wedding and sangeet. It was a big day for us, that incident happened, and I was tense. Shweta apologises. Take a nap, Krish advises. He leaves. She’s caught by Deven. Don’t beat me, she commands. You don’t have much time, he says, so hurry up.

Dev claims that if you doubt Shweta, she always loses. Give Suman the keys, but don’t let on that I had them, advises Rishita. Dev claims that I can’t get the reprimand; I should just leave it alone. He leaves. She claims Shweta is in charge. Shiva is seen leaving the room by Raavi. The door is shut by her. No need to tell everyone about our argument, she says. He takes a nap on the floor.

Deven calls and Shweta answers. Do anything, she warns, because I won’t give you a rupee. The breakfast is consumed. She observes Deven returning home carrying the police. The food tray is lost by her. Everyone observes.

Inspector, detain her; she is a thief, says Deven. Suman claims to be my chaste bahu and that she helped me save money. She isn’t so innocent, says Deven, look at what she did. He displays the movie. Believe me, I didn’t do this, Shweta asserts. Krish flings the ring her way. Deven claims I left her as a result of these factors. Dhara is requested to save Shweta. She is detained. She claims it was just a dream when she awakens. Shiva is trampled by Raavi. He yells. She claims that I was caught by a monkey in a dream. He queries what. She provides a defence.

Everyone talks to Suman about the money needed for the wedding in the morning. Shweta observes. Dev and I will also contribute, according to Shiva. Rishita claims it is a waste of money. Dhara begs her to comprehend that since it is Krish’s wedding, everything must go smoothly and that Shweta’s parents have reserved a resort, we must coincide with them. They appear to Shweta to be insane people. According to Rishita, we will go bankrupt. She is correct, claims Krish. He is urged to relax and have fun by Dev and Shiva. Rishita storms off in a rage. As promised by Raavi, I joined Arnav’s company on my first day and am assisting him in safeguarding the accounts of young women.

You have more power, Dhara says. Raavi claims that I answered the questioner. Can’t you wait until the marriage dissolves, Suman asks. Raavi claims that Arnav will tip me off because he knows. She goes. Shiva becomes irate. He is invited to visit and speak with Dhara. We will decide on the marriage later, he says. Deven’s message reaches Shweta. Rishita is invited by Dhara because they need to go shopping for jewellery. I’m not interested, Rishita says, so stop bothering me. According to Dev, I’ll accompany you.

Hari tells Jankana that Shweta is now fine and to forget everything. Shweta returns house. In Hari’s presence, she cries and behaves. Hari promises to give you money so you can buy whatever you want. Jankana says there’s no need to give her money because I’ll buy them gifts because she doesn’t have my trust. Shweta questions what I did after risking my life to keep their money and agreeing to this marriage. I know you lied to Rishita about Forum, but who is Neeta and who is her brother, claims Jankana? She claims that it won’t be appropriate for you if your Sasural people are injured. You changed a lot, according to Shweta.

It would be better if you also changed, according to Jankana. Deven’s message reaches Shweta. She leaves. The cabinet is locked by Suman. She claims that the thief should arrive now because my locker has four locks and only I can open it. Shiva moves along a road. In the car are Arnav and Raavi. Shiva is covered in dirt. He yells. Arnav is seen bringing Raavi home. He develops jealousy. Suman claims that I have four locks and the keys on me. Dhara chuckles. Suman claims that although 2 lakhs were stolen, it’s a good thing Shweta managed to save the money.

Shiva appears. Dhara queries the dirt. Shiva says I received the funds. Suman promises that I will protect it. She chuckles. Dhara claims her mother installed four locks. Dhara promises to show Shweta the jewellery once she receives it. Suman is given food, then medicine, by Shweta. Dhara claims that she worries a lot about you. Rishita observes. Keep this money in the locker, Suman commands. Shweta queries me: You’ve never trusted anyone before, according to Rishita, but today you do. Suman affirms, “Yes, she is wealthy and she saved my money.” Rishia challenges. Dhara claims that we have always valued your cash.




Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Twist, Written Update, Spoilers, Gossip, Future Story

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