Imlie Written Update

imlie written update

Imlie Written Update 21 March 2023


Imlie is shown holding the medication as the episode opens. The wardboy claims that the doctor took the medication hurriedly when Dhairya doesn’t receive it. Imlie has it in his hands when Dhairya spots it and begs her to give it to him. He claims he will accept it for a fair price. Imlie motions for him to make room and informs him that she will administer the medication to him outside but that Dhairya is not yet prepared. He accidentally pushes Imlie, causing her wig to fall out.


She is apprehended by the fraud squad. Imlie and Dhairya attempt to flee, but the staff encircles them. Dhairya advises him to defeat them immediately. She can vanquish them, according to Imlie, who claims she is her daughter. She urges Dhairya to push it as she sits on the stretcher. After she injects their hands, they are able to effectively flee. Dhairya smiles when she hears her laugh.

He queries why she is dressed like she is. She claims that she came here in disguise as part of a sting operation. As he asks for the medication, she responds with a smile that he must first express his gratitude to her. He claims he can’t smile, but he can assure her that he will be there to assist her anytime she comes for a sting operation. He accepts the medication from her and drives off.

Imlie later comes into her room through the window, and Arto asks her why she was out all night while he slept. She claims to have gone on a sting operation. She impersonates a foreign girl in an effort to make him smile. Because of the pearls, they both trip when her necklace comes off. They laugh together and develop a romantic relationship.


Rudra makes the decision to bring Arto with her to the office so she can present to a foreign client. He claims to think Arto can win them over. Imlie considers how she may assist Arto at this time as he experiences anxiety. She also doesn’t have enough time. Kia believImlie is going to leave, but Kia advises her to concentrate on her sasural rather than her job all the time. Imlie questions why she would give up her work after marriage simply because she is a woman. While they are a little anxious, Ginni and Ripu ask Imlie to check their tasks once. Imlie is left with no choice but to act. After noticing her, Kia visits Devika. Imlie tells them that she will check their homework in the room before leaving.

es that Arto is now headed for problems. Rudra claims that he has high expectations for Arto because everyone has applauded his work. Arto operates the vehicle. According to Arto, Imlie put in all the effort and not him.

Arto believes that because his arithmetic skills are weak, he is unable to quickly come up with a new proposition. He considers how to be honest with Rudra. After a long time, Rudra says he can understand why he is putting pressure on him, but because of this, he is expecting things from him. He introduces Arto to the workers who have given their all to this company, and it is Arto’s responsibility to not let them down. Arto believes he must admit in front of everyone that he has no knowledge of proposals or business.


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