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Imlie Upcoming Story Today

20th August 2022

Imlie 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Malini Plans A Retaliatory Strategy Against Imlie

Imlie tells Aryan that his bitter words and accusations are enough to keep their enmity going, and that he can keep her anklet as a token of their animosity. Aryan stands enraged, clutching her anklet. Narmada and Arpita prepare breakfast and wait for Imlie. Imlie greets them and expresses gratitude for breakfast. They tell her not to be formal because she is here to resurrect Bhaskar Times, and they tell her to eat breakfast and get to work. Breakfast is served to her. They are joined by Neela and Preeta. Narmada notices Imlie looking around and informs her that Aryan will not be arriving anytime soon. Imlie claims to be looking for a newspaper. She reads the Bhaskar Times and notices that the front page is full of advertisements and irrelevant news.

Aryan comes down for breakfast and tries to leave when he sees Imlie at the table. Preeta promises to make him breakfast with her own hands. Aryan departs. Arpita makes fun of Preeta. Narmada claims Aryan hasn’t been to work in a long time. Imlie says he’ll leave today and leaves Aryan behind. Preeta calls Malini and informs her that Imlie wants Aryan to come to work today; their love story’s first season began at work, and a second season may begin. Malini assures her not to be concerned.

Aryan gets into his car and requests that the driver take him to a fight club. Imlie drives a car while disguised as a driver. Aryan believes the driver’s hair should be cut. Instead of fighting club, Imlie takes him to the Bhaskar Times office. Aryan becomes enraged at the driver. Imlie appears and says she took him to his karm bhoomi/workplace. Aryan claims that he, not she, determines his fate. Imlie claims that if he can decide everything, she won’t have to do this. Aryan claims she no longer requires him. She says they can discuss it later and that he should come to the office at this time. He screams, “Why should I obey her?” She wonders what he stands to gain by staging a drama outside of the office.

Aryan claims that she will not understand his pain or what he has lost. She claims that she, too, has suffered a great deal and is in pain. She recalls Aryan’s words that they can both do anything for their family, the difference being that she only respects herself and he respects everyone. She claims that she, too, has lost loved ones, so why is he acting as a victim of the situation and not realising that everyone, including her, is on his side? He claims he doesn’t require her. She claims that whether she is with him or not, his job is with him and he should not do anything else.

Imlie Upcoming Story, Twist, Written Update, Spoilers, Gossip, Future Story

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