GHKKPM Written Update

ghkkpm written update

GHKKPM Written Update 23 March 2023


Sai starts the programme by decorating their dining room table with rangoli. When Savi enters, she explains the purpose of the rangoli. Sai remembers Pakhi’s remark. She reveals to Savi that she enjoys placing it. Savi expresses her excitement about sharing Gudhi Padwa with her entire family. Sai says since our families are different, you should first place the gudhi with my family before moving it to your dad’s family. Savi concurs. Gajra travels there with Vinayak. Savi claims that her hands are poor. She approaches Virat and requests that he add gajra to Sai’s hair.

Virat disagrees, but Sai is adamant that he must. Virat approaches. No need, claims Sai. Her hands are washed. Gajra is first placed in Savi’s hair before being placed in her own hair. Virat claims that the sole cause of your anxiety is Gajra. It matters, according to Sai. Virat observes that she incorrectly tied the gajra. He assists her. Both look in the mirror and remember a previous event. Savi snaps a snapshot of them and claims that Dad put gajra in Mom’s hair. Vinayak is asked by Sai to include Gudhi with them. Vinayak concurs. Kids depart. Sai warns Virat not to go over his bounds and promises to put Gudhi with her children. Virat observes.


Virat declines, but Savi pushes that he do it anyway. Virat enters the scene. No need, according to Sai. She sanitises her hands. After putting gajra in Savi’s hair, she does the same for her own hair. According to Virat, your anxiety is only due to Gajra. It matters to Sai, she claims. Virat can see that she improperly tied the gajra. He supports her. Both look in the mirror and think back on a certain occasion. After taking their picture, Savi claims that Dad put gajra in Mom’s hair. Sai urges Vinayak to include Gudhi in their group. Likewise, Vinayak. The kids go. Sai tells Virat she would place Gudhi with her children and begs him not to go beyond his bounds. Virat is present


ti begins to perform. Maddy receives a call from Satya. Amba and Maddy emerge. Satya reunites with his kin. Performer Aarti is Amba. On the other hand, Bhavani requests that everyone in her household first consume neem leaves. Everybody accepts it. Savi works to conceal it. Sai finds her and commands her to consume it in order to receive the gifts. Eats it is Savi. Sai forces children to wear sweet mala and commands them to consume it. It’s sweet, Pakhi tells Vinayak as she stops him. Virat eats the sweets he believes are appropriate for festivities. Everybody accepts it. Bhavani gives Sai praise for creating her entire family. Pakhi considers meeting the attorney.

Satya dances with the women in his family. Everybody applauds Satya. Bhavani invites the couple to perform the Gudi on the opposite side. Virat is asked by Pakhi who he wants to do it with. Pakhi helps Virat with this. Sai makes another Gudi and calls her children. Sai receives the letter from the compiler. He claims that because it is urgent, I brought it home. As Sai sees the letter, she is shocked. What is inside? asks Virat. It’s a legal notice from Pakhi, according to Sai. Pakhi sends the children in. Everyone learns from Sai that Pakhi complained that we purposefully removed her uterus, and that as a result, mine and Pulkit’s practising licences could be revoked. Everyone is startled.


GHKKPM written update

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