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GHKKPM Upcoming Story Today

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Me 8 Nov 2022 Written Episode Update

Start of Vinayak’s race. He collapses after failing to run. He is prodded to stand up by Virat, Pakhi, and relatives. He is urged by Virat to keep in mind Dr. Dolay’s inspiring comments. Sai walks in and tells him that he can, will, and has already done it. Virat becomes irate. When Pakhi notices Vinayak gaining confidence, she begs him not to say anything. Sai is quoted again by Savi. Vinayak tries to stand up as Virat becomes increasingly enraged but stops paying attention. Sai requests that he stand up as she finishes her inspirational poem. Savi rushes to assist him in getting up and tells him to keep his word.

Vinayak begins to move. Everyone encourages him to run. Vinayak finishes the race by running while breaking his braces like in the Forest Gump movie. Vinayak finishing the marathon makes Virat pleased. Everyone is cheering for the person who overcame his fear and emerged as a true hero and victor, according to Sai, not the person who placed first. Virat gives Sai, Virat, and Savi embraces and declares himself a winner. Pakhi is saddened by that.

The top three candidates are recognised. Along with the top three competitors, according to the host, there is a particular competitor who proved that anything is possible with family support by overcoming his fear and finishing the race. A medal is granted to him.

Everyone applauds him. The host inquires as to who he would like to credit for this achievement. Vinayak acknowledges his family and an unique individual, his doctor aunty, without whom he would not have been able to finish the marathon. Everyone applauds Sai. Bhavani and her group express displeasure at Vinayak using Sai’s name. Let it go, Ashwini advises, as Sai would have to go from their life now that Vinayak’s race is over. The host inquires of Pakhi who she would like to credit for Vinayak’s accomplishments. Vinayak is correct, according to Pakhi, Sai came from Kankauli and supported Vinayak in carrying out his visionary purpose.

The host then inquires about Virat’s viewpoint. Virat attributes Vinayak’s achievement to his family’s support as well as Vinayak.

She even fasted today in support of their son, thus she deserves credit for it. Claps all around for Pakhi. Vinayak is told by the host that he can leave at this time. Vinayak’s family applauds. Vinayak gives his parents a hug. They will celebrate his success at home, according to Virat. Savi congratulates him on his achievement before hacking. Let’s head home, Sai adds; she will administer the medication. Savi says the time has come to realise her wish. What kind of request is it, Sai enquires.

Sai and Savi are invited to a party at Vinayak’s house. Because Savi is sick, Sai says they can’t. Vinayak explains that it’s fine because they will have another reason to celebrate tomorrow. What kind of reason, inquires Pakhi. Vinayak promises to learn tomorrow. Vinayak and Sai might not meet tomorrow, in Sai’s opinion.


GHKKPM Upcoming Story, Twist, Written Update, Spoilers, Gossip, Future Story

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