birthday wishes for fiance

birthday wishes for fiance

My sweet fiancé, there’s no limit to my love for you and as the years go by, my love for you only grows.

Happy birthday, my love!
A birthday wish from my heart to yours, love
Sending you all my kisses, my love
I am the person that I am because of you, fiancé
My dear fiancé, I am wishing you a truly wonderful birthday today!

You are an incredible companion who has made my life infinitely better.

I am the person that I am because of you, and you make me better in every possible way imaginable.

Your caring soul has rubbed off on me, and I am a better person for it.

Enjoy your special day, my love!
You are my happiness, my love
Sweet, touching wishes for my lover
Happy birthday to my handsome fiancé
Happy birthday, my handsome fiancé!

Just remember that this period of being
apart is only temporary and not forever!

We’ll be back in each other’s arms before
we know it, but no distance is a match for
the love we have already declared for
each other anyway!
You make the distance easier to bear, boyfriend
Every child deserves a father like you
First a friend, then a lover, now my fiancé
My dear fiancé, what a journey we
have been on so far!

We started out as friends but then
over time, it developed into something
far more beautiful and really special.

It didn’t take long for me to realise
you were the person I wanted to
spend the rest of my life with, and
now I am at the happiest point I
have ever been in my life as I can
proudly introduce you as my fiancé!

Happy birthday, my darling! Here’s to
making only happy memories today,
and many more for all the glorious
years ahead that we have together!
Missing my fiancé on his special day
Today is your special day, my darling!

While I can’t be with you to celebrate
your birthday today, I’m sending my
most heartfelt wishes and all of my
love your way!

Thinking of you and missing you
loads, my handsome fiancé!
This distance will soon be a thing of the past
You’re the brightest star in the sky, dad
I wish eternal joy for you, fiancé
To my fiancé, the love of my life,
on your birthday my only wish is to
provide you with eternal joy in life.

I can’t wait for us to make many happy
memories together in the years to come.

I love you with all my heart, and I hope
that you have a magical day today and
every day that follows!

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