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Anupama Upcoming Story, Twist, Written Update, Spoilers, Gossip, Future Story

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Anupama Upcoming Story Today

20th August 2022

Anupama 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Is Planning A Birthday Party For Anuj

Shifting Anuj to his room is Anupama. The song Kaise Kahoon Bina Tere Zindagi Ye Kya Hogi… The background is filled with music. Anupama is questioned about their method of operation by wardboys while they set up medical equipment. Nodding in agreement, she says. They depart. She recites a shayari for Anuj that promises to handle all of his responsibilities till he recovers, including taking care of his home, job, and celebrations. Calling Little Anu, she tells him she loves him. Anu the toddler enters and takes a seat on her lap. She takes a selfie after Anupama begs her to take a picture of them. Little Anu is then instructed to stay out of her father’s room until she gives the go-ahead. Anu the child concurs. comes in the nurse. She is tasked with watching over Anuj while Anupama leaves.

Anupama enters the living room, where Barkha informs her that she hired a subpar nurse and should have her removed because she also hired a doctor and nurse who will see Anuj twice daily. Barkha also advises Anupama to let Ankush and Adhik handle the business, and if necessary, she will take over the office. Everyone is focused on her. According to Barkha, there is no need for her to worry about Anuj or his business; she will send his report to the USA if necessary. Barkha shouldn’t worry about Anuj, according to Anupama, because she will take care of him and is in a perfect mental state. Before Anupama entered, according to Barkha, Anuj was her life. According to Anupama, they had been partners for seven lives. Then, according to Barkha, she must serve as Vanraj’s partner for seven lives. Anupama claims that her connection with Vanraj came to an end in this life and inquires about her memory of the approaching day.

Barkha mentions the Janmastami holiday. Anupama claims that if she doesn’t remember, Anuj’s birthday is tomorrow and that she wants to throw a lavish party to mark the occasion. GK claims that Anuj is living a double life and that they will commemorate his birthday. Toshu, Samar, and Hasmukh support them. Barkha queries whether dancing and music are required tomorrow. Anupama states that it is imperative. After receiving Pakhi’s message, Adhik travels to meet her. Pakhi claims that she misses Adhik and is concerned about Vanraj and Ankush. He queries whether she actually misses him. After the accident, she claims, she came to the realisation that only Adhik is truly precious to her in this world.

Anupama observes Samar using a smartwatch and remarks that even she is a human and would struggle to keep track of time. Hasmukh and GK talk about how males should study how women manage their time and multitask. Anupama asserts that they must celebrate Anuj’s birthday lavishly for fear that he would experience FOMO and awaken from his sleep. Anupama is asked to sign a few checks by Barkha. Anupama inquires as to their purpose. These checks are for new projects that Ankush is overseeing, according to Ankush. Anupama hears Anuj wasn’t confidence in the clients and didn’t want to sign the deal, therefore she won’t sign them till Anuj wakes up. If she doesn’t trust Ankush, Barkha queries. Anupama claims she won’t accept the agreement if Anuj refused to sign it. GK claims that he and Anuj had a conversation about it.

If Barkha must frequently remind GK that he is a servant, she screams at him. Anupama claims that Barkha’s American education is useless if she has to keep reminding her that GK is the older member of the family and that she should respect him. Anuj views GK as a father figure. According to Barkha, Anupama is more concerned about GK’s dignity than with theirs. They are discussing business, according to Ankush, and Anupama lacks any commercial acumen. Any business sense, according to Anupama, is sufficient. If she will explain her and Ankush, Barkha yells. Anupama turns off her hearing alarm and heads outside to give Anuj some medicine. Anupama should not worry, the nurse assures her; she will cope. Anupama claims that for her own mental well-being, she will still come. Anu, the young child, talks to her.

Adhik and Pakhi embrace as they make the commitment to stick by one another no matter what. Anupama visits Barkha and Ankush once more. She is accused by Barkha of believing she is the owner of the Kapadia empire because Anuj gave her the right to sign documents. Anupama claims it is incorrect. She is asked by Ankush whether she wants to demonstrate that just she is concerned for Anuj and that the others don’t matter. Anupama claims that because Anuj is her top priority, she is acting in the same way that Anuj would have. When Vanraj attempted to kill Anuj, Barkha argues that if she truly loved her husband, she wouldn’t have shielded him. She is misthinking, according to Anupama. According to Barkha, just as Anupama doesn’t trust them, so do they, for fear that Anupama and Vanraj will plunder the Kapadia empire. Ankush believes Barkha is correct.

A dispute results. Because they don’t trust Anupama, Barkha claims she and Ankush have chosen to get a nurse for Anuj and install a CCTV camera to keep an eye on his condition. She becomes adamant that she will report Vanraj to the police. Samar is asked by Anupama to summon a car for Barkha. Barkha declares she’ll travel by automobile. Anupama argues that Barkha shouldn’t ask from a nasty woman because the automobile belongs to her husband and the keys are with her. She forewarns them that she is capable of managing her household affairs without the assistance of Barkha or anyone else, and that if they try to cause her any trouble, Anuj would force her to carry out the decision she made and intended to make public after the celebration. Barkha and Ankush are in disbelief after hearing her appropriate response.

Anupama Upcoming Story, Twist, Written Update, Spoilers, Gossip, Future Story

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