anniversary wishes for husband

quotesanniversary wishes for husband

1. “Heaven is about tasting the berry of your lips. Heaven is about sleeping and grinding our hips.

Heaven is about loving you, all day and night. Heaven is about cuddling with you tight.

Heaven is about walking through life with you, hand-in-hand. And I am wishing you, a very Happy Anniversary, my husband.”

2. “My loving, dearest husband, you bring the sunshine into my life. You attracted me with force like gravity, and out went all my pride and vanity. All I wanted was to make you mine, and I knew without you; I won’t be fine. Today, here we are, happily married, fears and worries, forever buried. Thank you for being with me through the years, and sharing all my smiles and tears! Happy Anniversary my love!”


3. “From the very first day, I did know, that your presence is something I can’t ignore. You were born to be my husband, and not to make memories of more than a thousand. With unlimited happiness and laughter, let’s stay married, even in the hereafter. So on our anniversary, all I wanna say, is that I won’t let anyone whisk you away! Happy Anniversary!”

4. “With you, I have watched days turn to weeks, months turn to years. I will be glad to watch the years turn into a lifetime. Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!”

5. “Happy Anniversary! Here’s to us! To our love, our adventures, our hearts, and our forever!”

6. “Happy Anniversary Sweet Heart! Your partnership means the world to me. When we get to the end of our lives together, the house we had, the cars we drove, and the things we possessed won’t matter. What will matter is that I had you, and you had me. My greatest blessing. I love you.”

7. “Sweetheart I hope the years to come are filled with as much love, happiness, and laughter as the years that have passed. Happy Anniversary to the best husband!”


8. “Baby, can you believe it? We have spent 5 years together! 5! What a beautiful journey it has been till yet. Every day is a celebration just because I wake up next to you as your wife. But today is extra special because today is when our forever began. I wish you a very happy wedding anniversary sweetheart. I must say, we are one hell of a team!”

9. “My love, today is a very special day that is engraved in my memory because it is the day we started our marriage. Having you as my husband is the best thing that has happened to me. From the start of our partnership, you have proved you are the love that I have always waited for. Your smile is enough to cheer me days. Your company is the best recipe against loneliness. I cannot imagine my life without you: I think I would not care about anything because you make me want to be better. My heart and soul belong to you. When I am with you, nothing else matters and there is only you and I. Nothing in the world compares to our love because there’s no one else like you on Earth. Happy Anniversary, love of my life. Let us make a pledge to love each other until our last day. I love you now and forever.”

10. “Happy Anniversary Love. Each year that has passed only strengthens our bond. Today, I am reminded of how blessed I am to call you mine and how sweet it is to be yours. It is another year to mark this fantastic journey with you and it has been nothing short of beautiful. This anniversary is more than just a sign of magical months spent together. It’s a record of all the battles we have faced and won together. All the tears and laughter we shared. My skin still prickles at your touch and my heart still becomes giddy when I see you. You’ll forever be my always.”

11. “While every day with you is a celebration, our anniversary marks the celebration of the day I married the love of my life. And that’s why this day is extra special. From that day to now, I have only loved you more each day. Your sacrifices, commitment, and respect for me are a true testament to the man you are! I truly love, adore, and cherish you.”

12. “Just looking at you fills my heart with peace. Leaning on your shoulder gives me the strength to face anything. Hugging you makes my soul happy. You’re my salve to all the earthly problems. As we celebrate another year together, I want to remind you how special you’re to me. There’s nothing I’ve ever wanted more. Let’s grow old together because the best is yet to come.”

13. “A home with a loving husband and a happy family was my dream once. I never thought it would turn into a reality. Thank you for making my dream come true and for loving me unconditionally all these years. Happy Anniversary! Let’s make today extra special.”

14. “Happy Anniversary sweetheart! It’s another 365 days with you. And with each passing day, you continue to prove you’re the man of your words. Your values, commitment, and love for our family are admirable. You show me that the heart can be happy without a break. Even bad days are lovely by your side. I am the luckiest woman on the planet to have you by my side. I love you. Let’s celebrate today with only gratitude in our hearts and peace in our minds.”


15. “You’ve got the arms I want to be wrapped in. You’ve got the eyes I want to get lost in. You’ve got the smile I can never resist. You’ve got the voice I want to listen to for hours. Basically, you’ve and you’re everything I have ever wanted and more. Happy Anniversary sweetheart. Cheers to many more years ahead of us.”

16. “I feel so happy that you’re a part of my life. I feel so good in my company that I can’t describe it. You are the true reason for my happiness. Happy Anniversary baby.”

17. “On this very special day, I am sending kisses on your way, wrapped in love, warmth, and bliss to reach your heart, eyes, and lips. I have an eternity in mind to celebrate days of this kind because you’re the one who awakens my soul and makes me happy and whole. Happy Anniversary!”

18. “The best thing in life is to find someone who knows your heart, wounds, and weaknesses and still chooses to be with you, and you feel special every moment. You, my love, have allowed me to be my vulnerable self and accepted me for who I am. You’re destiny’s best surprise. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for being so amazing.”

19. “It’s such a blessing to have you as my life partner. Every moment we share is priceless, and I would never trade it for anything else in the world. You have stood by me through thick and thin, ups and down, and all the messiness of life’s journey. It gets easier with you to face any difficulty that life throws. You’re my most outstanding achievement. I will love you forever, plus a day more. Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!”

20. “My husband, you’re the only one who knows my stories, gets my jokes, warms my feet, takes my side, ignores my quirks, finishes my sentences, and soothes my worries. Happy Anniversary!”

21. “Babe, you make me feel beautiful, loved, protected, and taken care of! You make me a better person, and I don’t want to live my life without you by my side. Thank you for being mine. Happy Anniversary!”

22. “I love you for all you are on the inside..all that sexy on the outside is just a bonus. Happy Anniversary!”


23. “There are countless reasons why I love you. I love you for your honesty, thoughtfulness, and strong values. I love you for your understanding and patience. I love how you make me feel more alive. I love you for your dedication and commitment to our marriage. I love you for the loving father you’re to our kids. But most importantly, I love you for just being you. Happy Anniversary Sweetie! I hope I fill your life with as much happiness and peace, as you have filled mine.”

24. “My lovely husband, mere words cannot begin to tell you how I feel. You’re the one thing in my life I can count on to be real. We’ve had our ups and downs, but whenever we’re apart, I still get that empty feeling deep inside our hearts. We’ve stood the test of time, we’ve walked the narrow road, and at the end of every day, it’s you I want to hold. I’m proud to be your wife, I’m proud to be your friend, and if given the choice, I’ll do it all again. I love you. Happy Anniversary.”

25. “My husband – you’re one of the greatest blessings from God. You’re a gift that I open every day. Happy Anniversary Darling!”

26. “Happy Anniversary Sweetheart! Today we celebrate the best decision we ever made.”

27. “Happy Anniversary to the man who makes me the happiest I ever have been, who believes in me even when I give up on myself, and who never misses a chance to make me feel special. You’re the best and I’m the luckiest. I love you!”

28. “Here’s to another year of sharing sunsets and dreams. Happy Anniversary!”

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